Igniting Intimacy

Massage and Tantra with Ixchel

Are you curious about Tantra?

Learn sacred practices which connect your body, mind and spirit. We deal with sacred sexuality, breath and touch and the benefits don’t stop at the bedroom! Tantra is a creative and empowering way to express deeper emotions, release blockages in your body and free up your vital energy flow.

Sessions are available for men, women and couples and comprise a Tantric Journey. You will feel safe, supported and accepted regardless of sexual orientation and gender.


 Indulgent, blissful massage can be either a simple luxury or the first step on your Tantric Journey, relaxing and reconnecting you with your body.


Introductory sessions can be tailor-made which teach Tantric breath, touch, and other techniques to kick start your Tantric adventure. Don’t worry, no sexual touch is involved and your clothes stay on. These are fun, practical, and great for groups, including hen-nights!

Other Benefits:

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Intimacy and Relationship Coaching
Female and Male Tantric Lovemaking Tips
Spiritual Energetic Healing & Chakra Balancing
Physical and Emotional Issues with Intimacy
Scar Remediation
Orgasm control for men and women
Post-childbirth healing

Ixchel is a certified sexological bodyworker and massage therapist and trained Tantra Goddess with years of experience healing and guiding people on their Tantric Journeys.

A world of passion, connection and excitement awaits!